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1. Personalization during booking: Use a CDP to track a guest's browsing behavior on your website and show them personalized room recommendations, offers, and amenities based on their interests and past booking history.  For example, if a guest has previously viewed family-friendly rooms, you could show them a pop-up offering a discount on their next stay if they bring their kids. 2. Up-sell/cross-sell opportunities: Use a CDP to identify guests who are likely to be interested in upgrading their room, booking spa treatments, or participating in tours and activities. Then, you can send them targeted email or SMS campaigns with personalized offers. What are the benefits of up-selling in hotels? When it comes to up-selling, knowing your customer and selling it at the RIGHT time is everything you need to focus on. Moreover, in LEO CDP, you have a full customer profile of their likes, dislikes, etc. and offer them something which they are fond of. Let’s look into the benefits of doing s