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  E book Download Link: Part 1: Why should every business need to deploy a CDP ? 1. Big data is the reality of business today 2. What are technologies to manage customer data ? 3. The rise of first-party data and new technologies for Digital Marketing 4. How to apply USPA mindset to build your CDP for data-driven business Part 2: How to use LEO CDP for your business 1. Core functions of LEO CDP for marketers and IT managers 2. Data Unification for Customer 360 Analytics 3. Data Segmentation 4. Customer Personalization 5. Customer Data Activation Part 3: Case study in O2O Retail and Ecommerce 1. How to build customer journey map for ecommerce and retail 2. How to do customer analytics to find ideal customer profiles 3. Manage product catalog for customer personalization 4. Monitoring Data of Customer Experience (CX Analytics) 5. Monitoring data with real-time event tracking reports Part 4: How to setup an instance of LEO CDP for